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He looked for the remote,  

It was not to be found.

The back of the couch yielded nothing but old pens, and change.

Meanwhile the tv stared  back at him.

The picture sat frozen, waiting for instructions.

Should it change inputs?

Change channels,?

Maybe the volume needs to go up?

The search for the damned remote  continued.

The search widens  to the far reaches of the living room.

Under the couch, in the lounge chairs, behind the end tables.

Returning to the living room,

There sat the remote, blending into the smooth  finish of the tv cabinet, in plain sight.

<![CDATA[Family ¬†Bible]]>Wed, 20 May 2015 03:06:09 GMThttp://theoddmanspeaks.weebly.com/100-world-challenge/family-bibleThe book was old. The leather cover was faded from  age.

Picking it up one could feel the years  waiting to be  read.

There is a reverence about the book.  

Opening the book there is a sense of history,  

The front pages are covered with writing.

Names, dates,  births deaths, marriages,  

The names and dates spanned well over one hundred years,

The pages  showed much use.  Looking through the  text, there are many passages  underlined, in many colors of ink.

The book lives in a place of honor.

High on the shelve in the living room.

Family history, Family Bible,

<![CDATA[The Way She Moves]]>Tue, 12 May 2015 15:51:32 GMThttp://theoddmanspeaks.weebly.com/100-world-challenge/the-way-she-movesShe moved at her own chosen speed.

Some days it was like watching cyclone in motion.

She moved through her world with the speed that make the fastest car seem slow.

Moving through her day, was a challenge some days.

The days she slowed down, she seemed to move in slow motion.

Days came and went.    Nights seemed to linger , some nights, they took forever.

Her  methods varied greatly ,

The things she did in a day seemed impossible to mere mortals.

Sometimes coy and discrete, Most times honest and direct.

She moved at her own chosen speed.

Graceful was her style,

<![CDATA[Trouble  Looking For a Place To Happen]]>Wed, 15 Apr 2015 23:17:01 GMThttp://theoddmanspeaks.weebly.com/100-world-challenge/trouble-looking-for-a-place-to-happenHe Thought About All Of The Things He Could Do.

There are so many ways he could Misbehave.

Oh The Trouble He Could Cause If He  Had A Mind To.

Today He Had A Mind To.

But He Really Didn’t Want To Get Into Anymore Trouble.

But Then, As He Thought About It,

He Was In Trouble For One Thing Or Another Most Of The Time Anyways.

He Felt The Need To Do Something Devious,

Not To Be Mean, Just To  Break Up The Day.

A Number Of Options Crossed His Mind.  

Sitting At The Computer He Begun To Type.

<![CDATA[What To Watch]]>Thu, 09 Apr 2015 22:29:18 GMThttp://theoddmanspeaks.weebly.com/100-world-challenge/what-to-watchShe settled back in the couch to indulge in some binge viewing.

The question is what to spend the next several hours watching episode, after episode of? 

Was this a evening for romance,? 

The selection was pretty good of romantic   shows,

No Not tonight..

Tonight was a evening for ….  Lets see,,,,,

Blood & Guts,, 




Classic Television, 

Classic Movies,




She already had enough in her life.

After looking through many menus ,

They all looked the same, 

Slowly she started to nod off, 

The last thing she saw was the TV's screensaver coming on


<![CDATA[Shelves of The World]]>Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:04:38 GMThttp://theoddmanspeaks.weebly.com/100-world-challenge/shelves-of-the-worldShelves that can hold the worlds history.

The history they can hold can range from our ancient tools.

To ancient text, and materials.

Records and photos, and photo albums, record albums.

Shelves  come in all materials and sizes,

Nice  hardwood, cabinet shelves, heavy duty metal shelves,  

A shelf can mean many things to many  people.

Some people  start projects and for whatever reason shelf them.

For some people it matter not what the level of the shelf.

They must strive to climb higher.  

To them, a shelf is a placemark of success.

Shelves can be many things to many people.
<![CDATA[Define Witty]]>Sat, 28 Mar 2015 02:48:26 GMThttp://theoddmanspeaks.weebly.com/100-world-challenge/define-wittyThere are all kinds of wit.

Some people go for the sharp cutting wit, the kind that cuts like a knife.

While others go for the slow delivery, the long drawn out punch line,

There is a manic kind of wit that  goes fast and rapid, and one line comes right after the next, and you are left several lines behind the spiel.

Wit can be visual, a picture, sculpture, painting, a or movie or  sensory ,

What some people find witty, others may think is anything but,

Then there is the Stuff that  people  consider both stupid but still witty.

<![CDATA[Libraries]]>Sat, 21 Mar 2015 17:33:10 GMThttp://theoddmanspeaks.weebly.com/100-world-challenge/libraries     There are so many ways to think of libraries. The old traditional way, with hallowed halls, dark corners and recesses filled with high shelves of books covering topics that rang from interesting  to monudune, to extotic topics, no ones ever heard of except the author, and a few of his contemporaries.          Today’s  library is so many more things;  The contacts in your smartphone could be considered a library, the pictures on it too.    At home your digital media collection is a library equal to the old vinyl record collection your parents had a generation ago. That was their media library.
<![CDATA[Cups]]>Sun, 08 Mar 2015 02:47:23 GMThttp://theoddmanspeaks.weebly.com/100-world-challenge/cupsWhen is a cup not a cup?

There are the ones that hold the ingredients of the baking projects you  love to make and eat.

Some cups serve only a ceremony propose ,  rarely used. Kept is a safe place until used.

Many cups are used everyday for everything from drinking coffee, tea,

Cups can be filled with many things, from candy to screws nails, nuts, bolts.

Cups can be made of many materials, plastic, clay, even cloth. Cups can have handles or even straps.

Cups can be fancy, plain, Cups can be worth a small fortune,

Cups live many lives

For http://www.velvetverbosity.com/blog/2015/2/23/100-words-415-empty-your-cup
<![CDATA[Umbrellas]]>Thu, 19 Feb 2015 01:30:15 GMThttp://theoddmanspeaks.weebly.com/100-world-challenge/umbrellas    Umbrellas  of the mind. They protect one from many things they don’t wish to know or deal with.  Big ones can keep out big bad memories, little ones to keep small problems from being  dealt with until they becomes a very big problems.  
     Umbrellas , can also hold things in. Things like  feelings, Feeling that need to be shared. Feeling that need dealt with.  Then there the real umbrellas, which can be used to shield one from rain, snow, and sun.  So we all uses umbrella of one sort or another. Both real and imagined, umbrella do many things for us
This weeks 100 word Challenge is umbrellas